Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Lessons for Parents from Two Survivors.

This post is inspired by two posts by women who have stepped back from trans.



Both contain a lot of truth. Some of that truth is hard to take as a parent.

It's easy to find yourself screaming at the obvious wrongs, the binder, the name and pronouns, the hormones and surgery.

We have to keep the route back open. Thats all can do. We have to make sure that each step down that path takes them to a better place than a step further into trans. Each step back to reality has to be welcomed with love.

It hurts and it's terrifying and leaves us vulnerable.

I hate the binder so much. To see her restricting and hating herself stabs my heart. I have to put that aside and see that it is her way of coping with a load of pain that I can only get an idea of by reading other women's words.

Some of that pain is caused by my pain and anger at the binder and the rest of the trans bollocks. Some of it is caused by me being me. I have to deal with that, I have to open a way back and a way to acknowledge her pain.

These women are hero's. I love their work not just for what they say about trans, but for what they teach me about myself.


  1. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/christie-blatchford-embattled-u-of-t-professor-a-warrior-for-common-sense

    Psychology professor under seige tenure threatened. The only violence surrounding him was a trans/queer person physically attacking a reporter covering Peterson's talk. The Varsity and other meda have not included that in their write up. Such bigoty and lies from these "oppressed" thugs.

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