Thursday, 29 September 2016

Trying to understand why so many young women have got involved with trans.

The wonderful Purple Sage Fem asked "Some questions for FtMs"

Gosh, I’ve been watching tons of FtM videos. I really want to understand. But I’m always unsatisfied, because everyone stays on surface level. I like to get to the root of the issue and tackle the hard questions.
FtMs who make YouTube videos always say they knew they were trans because of vague feelings of “not liking my body” and “feeling like a guy.” But how is this different from every other woman not liking her body and how can someone who is female feel “like a guy,” exactly?
So here is a list of questions, complete with follow-up questions, that come to mind when I watch FtM videos. I don’t really expect to ever get these answered, but here goes:

  1. Please explain in your own words what a “man” is and what a “woman” is.
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Some questions for FtMs

I've had those questions running round my head for months and I've thrown a lot of them at my daughter.

There good questions, they get to the root of the inconstancies of the trans doctrine and the dogma of Gender Identity and blow them out the water.

It took me ages to work out why they didn't work.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

It Feels Better To Believe That

The wonderful Penny White says in her video on the Sex Trade How I became a prudish, pearl-clutching WHOREPHOBE 

Its very hard for me to stomach hearing journalists saying 'Sex work is just work' and I understand the appeal of saying that because it feels better. It feel better to believe that. It feel better to believe that they're just party girls having fun, its the girlfriend experience. Then you don't have to care about women in the sex trade. You don't have to care about them.
I'm constantly haunted by the question "Why are there so few of us? Why am I:  The Gender Critical Dad and not a gender critical dad.

I think it comes down to "It feels better to believe that"

Female detransition and reidentification: Survey results and interpretation

This is just brilliant. Word fails me when I try to think of what to say so I will just quote  the intro from Purple Sage Fem

Thank you very much Cari of Guide On Raging Stars! What you’ve done here is wonderful and necessary.

Read this survey to find out fascinating insights into detransition, such as most detransitioners DO have sex dysphoria, the average age of transition is 17 and average detransition is 21, they used to identify as FtM or nonbinary or genderqueer and now understand themselves as female. The most common reasons for detransition are a shift in ideological/political beliefs and finding other ways to deal with dysphoria. A whopping 65% of them had no therapy before transitioning, and only 12% felt they were given adequate information about transitioning.

Female detransition and reidentification: Survey results and interpretation