What is Gender Critical Feminism?

People may be coming here looking for information about Gender Critical Feminism. I do not have any great knowledge of the subject and am not a representative of any movement, community or belief system.

Gender Critical Feminism is not an organisation, there is no manifesto. Its a set of ideas developed by a women, in groups and individually. There is no GC Feminism central I can point you to. As far as I know you cannot do a course in Gender Critical Studies so there are no recommended text books.

This is a list of what I've read a lot of.


Radical Feminist reddits. Very welcoming and remarkably tolerant places where a lot of people first come across other people who are Gender Critical



I never managed to work out why there are two. While you are there follow the links in their sidebars.

Blogs by or for Parents

4thWaveNow A community of parents & friends skeptical of the "transgender child/teen" trend

Youth Trans Critical Professionals Professionals Thinking Critically about the Youth Transgender Narrative

Transgender Trend Parent questioning the trans narrative

Radical Feminist Blogs

Purple Sage Witty, passionate and humane lesbian. Often writes about trans and gender from a lesbian viewpoint, especially on the eugenic aspect of trans on lesbians. 

Rebecca Reilly-CooperPolitical Philosopher with a precise and rigorous analysis of the doctrine of gender identity.  Not sure if she'd thank me for putting in as Rad Fem.

Helen Saxby I started this blog to write about the No More Page 3 Campaign. ... The subject matter has expanded since then to include a wider range of subjects, but all of them from a feminist perspective

www.feministcurrent.com The nearest thing to a Gender Critical House mag.

Shit Kicking Lesbian Feminists Blogs.

Neither of these are esay to read if your a bloke. Both have been accused of man hating, to which they'd probably reply along the lines of "Yeah So?".

Which is fair enough, when you read enough GC Feminist stuff, you realize that women have been shat on by men and why should any particular woman worry about whether your a nice guy really,

I think both have had a justified pop at me at some point.

Gender Trender - Galus Mag Direct and uncompromising lesbian feminist. I love her hard hitting writing, she gets right to the point even if that makes people uncomfortable.

Cathy Brennan Totally women centered lesabian feminist. Really not keen on men, but when you read her stuff you can see why. Shes a great writer and does great vids


Sheila Jeffreys.
Gender Hurts which is a comprehensive explanation of the problems in the Transgender Ideology. Its good, its clear, but is extremely comprehensive and covers the history og the idea of gender and so is quite heavy reading.

Unpacking Queer Politics. A Feminist Perspective which is a truly disturbing exposure of the way Gay and Lesbian liberation was captured by a fetishisation of domination under the trendy name of Queer.

Robert Jensen rips the myth of nice porn to shreds in this book Getting Off
Delusions of Gender-Science by Cordelia Fines

Female Erasure Anthology of women writers: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics' War On Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights


Magdalen Berns  makes short, brilliant videos with her own wonderful style. Witty, vicous and cool as hell.

PeachYoghurt German lesbian with a wicked, anarchic sense of humor and a warmth that will make you love her.
Penny White who is just lovely and did me the honour of reading one of my posts.

If there is stuff you think should be on here comment below or email me.


  1. I think you can add the website transgender reality (link here: https://transgenderreality.com/ ). I am not sure if you know them, but if you don't, it is really good.

  2. Thanks, I've added that to the sidebar.


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