Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Welsh Not and the Pronoun Game – Pure Genius

We like to think that our attitudes, opinions and beliefs inform our actions. That we look at the world, weigh up the facts and decide where we stand. Our actions follow on from deciding what is right and wrong, what is in our, and others best interest.

Being intelligent, open minded people we listen to other people’s views and judge them against our standards of logic and kindness and modify our beliefs and attitudes if other people’s views impress us with insight, truth and humanity.

That’s a nice comfortable view of the world. It lets us feel we are good people, in charge of our decisions and actions. It’s an intuitive and almost universal view of how our minds work.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Looking Back Over 2 1/2 Years of Gender Critical Dad

Its two and a half years since I started this blog. I just want to look quickly at how things grew and how they have suddenly started really kicking off.

When I hit peaktrans, I had never heard the term, I felt alone. The first people I found out about, who looked like they might not think me mad, were the radical feminists. They had the ideas that made sense of it, and a lot of other ideas that forced me to take a hard look at myself. I posted a lot at  Reddit r/GenderCritical/. They were good to me. Supporting me when I was panicking. Sometimes I messed up, wrote shit and got ripped a new one for it. They encouraged me to start this and one even edited my first post.

I will be forever in their debt and r/GenderCritical/ is still a vibrant and growing place full of wonderful people supporting each other and developing ideas.

After starting the blog I was contacted, had a secret meeting in a service station cafe, where I was sussed out. Then a meeting in an professors office  to talk about a book, where I foolishly committed myself to write more than I had since I was in school. An early rise the next morning and off to Thinking Differently a radical feminist public meeting in London. This was a whole subculture, they might of looked at me suspiciously, but there were hundreds of them, they knew what they were, they knew that gender was bollocks.

Shortly after that I met Miranda and Julie Bindel and a few other rad fems, in a tiny meeting, again at a secret location. Notorious TERFS, really nice in person, with a razor sharp analysis of why genderism not only shafts women but does not represent Lesbians and Gay men, people with dysphoria and people who live as trans.

I felt part of something, a small something, but something growing, something that understood. I spent the back end of 2016 doing my chapter. At times it felt like I was a schoolboy faking it, just splurging out a load of second rate Kerouac rip off.  The editors asked for an biographical paragraph. I just bashed something out

I’m a middle of the road middle aged dad trying to keep his daughter safe. Lefty liberal newspaper reader, organic eggs and chicken, equal shares sort of dad. .....
I didn't realise that you were supposed to do it in third person, with authority.

The book came out back end of 2017, it sold better than expected, then it came out in paperback. We still haven't sorted out a launch party. I've lent my copy to my fundy christian mate who has gone off on maternity.

Last year and this year have been about building up. starting the parents board . Thats grown like mad, full of wonderful people. Its their board now, I'm just the caretaker, the techy who fixes things.

A pivotal event happened in September 2017. A small group of women were going to have a meeting about changes to the Gender Recognition Act. A bunch of students from Goldsmiths and some ageing activism role players found out and scared the venue off. The organisers put out a message to meet at speakers corner, where the address of a new venue would be given out. An unpleasant young man who calls himself Tara Wood tweeted "I wanna fuck some terfs up" and went down to Hyde Park  and assaulted a 60 year old, tiny, woman.

This got some press coverage, nothing on the BBC telly. The yob did get convicted but let off with a small fine. The victim was put thru the indignity of having to refer to him by female pronouns in court.

It became obvious that genderism was not some small counter culture clique, it was the establishment. Only the most right wing papers, the Mail and the Sun would print a gender critical view.

Since then things have built. A Womans Place started, then other groups, Women Need to Talk and Lisa Muggeridge.  Challenor happened, the Green panicked and then realised how he had shat on them. Now Challenor Junior is busy taking over LibDem LGBTQ+ and making an arse out of them.

Lucy Bannerman, Janice Turner and others in the Times are writing great stuff. That gets noticed. Alison Moyet stuck her neck out, got shouted at by the trans mafia and wound it back in. That got noticed.

Slowly at first, then quicker, exponentially, things are taking off. Posi Parker is all over it, Thousands of people sent a few quid that soon added up for a big advert in the metro. On twitter every time some numpty from the BBC, the government or opposition spouts about gender hundreds of women pop up to put them straight. There's more men popping up, some famous like Graham Lineham many unknown, but all standing up for women and girls.

Finally, national treasure Jo Brand has written a balanced piece in the Guardian.

Its a mass movement now. I'm no longer the Gender Critical Dad, I am one of the Gender Critical Dads.

That's a great place to be. We are going to win whatever I do. I can, I need to play my part, but there's others, way more capable than me who will make it happen

Thursday, 9 August 2018


This started as a tweet here: It came out rather well, The pace and tightness imposed by twitter can be really good sometimes. So I'm going to keep it here.

So you hate your body, hate the expectations, attitudes and proscriptions loaded onto your womanhood by culture and society.  Trans offers a hope, a clean slate and a community. It makes your internalised misogyny and homophobia a virtue, a mark of belonging, you become s star.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Faith and the Vicious God of Gender

I have been asked if I really believe there is no such thing as a trans child. I was taken aback a bit by the look of horror on the face of the obviously very caring, amiable and intelligent woman as she contemplated the twisted bigotry of the terfy old bloke in front of her. So I bottled it and muttered something meaningless and uncommitted.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

GenderQuake the Debate. Boys Will Be Boys and Will Be Treated like Boys.

The GenderQuake debate:

Channel 4 is doing a series of gender related programs, including a debate, which went out this week:


Channel 4 is holding a studio discussion, Genderquake: The Debate where a wide-ranging panel of guests with a variety of views will look at what gender means in 2018. The debate, which is part of a wider season on gender, will discuss topics including: what defines our gender identity, how that affects our rights, should it be easier to change gender and does gender matter anyway?
 The debate will be hosted by Channel 4 News’ Cathy Newman and the panellists will include model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, leading feminist and academic Germaine Greer and US Television personality and Olympic gold medal winner Caitlyn Jenner. There will also be other panellists and speakers with a wide range of views.
Shaminder Nahal, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor said:
 “This debate will stimulate important and insightful discussion with a wide variety of views from the panel and audience. Issues around gender now have a prominent position in the national conversation, with strong feeling on all sides. Channel 4 is well known for exploring challenging and emotive issues in a fair and balanced way and with this programme we want to help audiences understand and engage in these multi-faceted issues.”

So C4 promised "Channel 4 is well known for exploring challenging and emotive issues in a fair and balanced way". Which surely should mean that people get an equal say, no one gets interrupted or get to interrupt others more or less because of their sex or gender or whatever.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Some thoughts on MumsNet and their submission to the trans lobby.

I don't do MumsNet much. I think the world is better for an online space where women can talk without men butting in all the time.

Recently though men have started butting in, have been telling MumsNet what women should be allowed to say. Sadly, MumsNet have paid attention to these men and are deleting posts that state the biologically obvious and the opinions of many women.

I think I may have some useful thoughts

Sunday, 3 December 2017

A Parent's Voice - If You Pray, Pay for Her.

This blogs been a bit quiet for a while. I've been busy, helping set up and do the admin for this:

The Gender Critical Support Board is run for parents and families by parents and families who share the experience of coping with a child, teenager or young adult who believes she or he is transgender. 
We are critical of the phenomenon of transgender youth growing at epidemic rates. 
The forum provides support for parents and families who would like a thoughtful and cautious approach to intervention for their gender dysphoric child. 
The board wasn't my idea. I don't want to say who it was in case I dump them in it, but really I just do the techy stuff. We started it up in August, it got mentioned by 4th Wave Now in the middle of September and then it really took off. 

The people who come are just amazing. 

Trans activists would have everyone believe we are unsupportive, intolerant, bigoted hateful parents who are prepared to see our kids die rather than face up to the truth. The people who come are just parents who love their kids, like all parents they will fight like hell to look after their kids when something threatens their kids.

Its all about giving space to parents to tell share stories, somewhere to learn they are not alone. 

This is just one story of many, that someone PM'd me and asked me to share. Its heartbreaking, but very far from exceptional. I've changed names and places and removed some detail to protect her and her daughter: