Thursday, 9 August 2018


This started as a tweet here: It came out rather well, The pace and tightness imposed by twitter can be really good sometimes. So I'm going to keep it here.

So you hate your body, hate the expectations, attitudes and proscriptions loaded onto your womanhood by culture and society.  Trans offers a hope, a clean slate and a community. It makes your internalised misogyny and homophobia a virtue, a mark of belonging, you become s star.

When you transition, you find that you still hate your body, eventually you run out of medical and surgical options. You never will be the slim buff young man you wanted to be. The effort of constantly present gender is no longer exciting, its a drag.

If you pass, you find you self dragged into the status games and hateful misogyny of blokedom. And you will never win the pissing contest. Your Trans Ally admires start to tire of your constant anxiety and depression.

I'm really fucking scared for my daughter.

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