Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Whats the Name About? Part2: Gender Identity

Gender Identity.

Gender Identity is a relatively new concept, essential to transgender doctrine. Without the acceptance of Gender Identity as unchangeable intrinsic attribute of human beings, there is no sense in the insistence that gender identity should be what allows entry into women's spaces. Without Gender Identity there is no sense in guiding children into transition.

If Gender Identity is not unchangeable and intrinsic, it can be a choice, an liking for one group of stereotypes over another or it is illusion about ones sex, in which case gender dysphoria is a cognitive disorder,not an incorrect body.

If its a choice, thats fine, you can choose what you like, but you can't require everyone else to accept that your choice changes reality. If  its a choice, it can be an unwise choice and there is no requirement to accept children's choice as an unquestionable right.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Social work professor speaks out on behalf of her FtM autistic daughter

This is so wrong, someone should be in court.

Dr. Kathleen “Kelly” Levinstein, PhD, LCSW, LMSW is a Professor of Social Work at the University of Michigan, Flint.  Among many other accomplishments, Dr. Levinstein was a Heilbein Scholar at the NYU School of Social Work, where she also taught, and has directed and provided clinical services for people with disabilities for many years, primarily in New York and New Jersey. A clinical and research social worker for 40 years, Dr. Levinstein describes herself as “the only out autistic PhD level social worker” in the world. Her research and advocacy work includes human and civil rights violations against the autistic community.

In this post and accompanying short interview, Dr. Levinstein tells us about the ordeal currently being experienced by her daughter who has undergone transgender medical transition. Dr. Levinstein also shares her thoughts about the current increase in young women with autism being diagnosed as transgender.

Read the full post from 4th Wave

Thursday, 5 May 2016

What's the Name About? Part 1: Gender

Dad is obvious. Gender Critical is less obvious and I owe a lot to the idea, so I should try to explain it. Gender Critical is a big idea, so I'll start by trying to define what I mean by Gender.

None of this is original, I've nicked all the ideas from a book Gender Hurts by Sheila Jeffreys, a lecture by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper and lots of other radical feminists. 

Jeffeys  and Reilly Cooper are brilliant, but they use heavy duty academic language. Everything is precisely defined, every step justified.  When I read it, I know they have taken me from A to Z, but I can never remember the route.  I feel I've got it, and then it slowly slips away.

Gender is in some way related to sex but its not sex, so lets start with sex.  

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Some People Confound your Prejudices

When peak trans hits you and you find out about the trans ideology, dogma and cult, its easy to forget that it does not represent or reflect all people who for whatever reason, choose to live as the sex opposite to their birth sex.

Its easy to lose sight of the tolerance and respect that we owe all people. That ideologies can, by misrepresentation, exploit the very people that claim to represent.

I'm so grateful to this guy, for teaching me not to hate trans people on sight.

Jen Bob - You Tube

First surprise was that he was so likeable, he wasn't insisting that anyone see him in any particular way. I'm using male pronouns, but I don't think he'd give a damn, he'd laugh at anyone getting in a tizz about it.

Second surprise was how open and honest he was about his experience as a trans woman and his motivations.

Final surprise was that, despite, or because, he is a pretty happy tranny (his word), he called out the bullshit that is the trans dogma.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ignore, Redirect and Reward - Dealing with Unreasonable Behaviour.

I am not a therapist. I do not have the skills, training or experience to attempt any sort of therapy or counselling. Even if I did, I cannot have a therapeutic relationship with my child, we have too much history and to much at stake to be non-directive or or explore stuff.

The following is not therapy and it's not very deep. It won't give you a dramatic moment, where your child breaks down and accepts just how right you have been all along. Life is not like it is in the movies.

It is advice given to me by someone who has a great deal of experience in dealing with troublesome behaviour and getting them to a better place. Someone who does know what they are talking about.

It gives me a way to carry on day to day without reinforcing or collaborating in the trans delusion. It helps me to avoid damaging confrontations. Its easy to remember and recall when you feel yourself getting wound up.