Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Google Realy Gets it Wrong

When you google "Gender Critical Feminist"

Someone on reddit pointed out that if your google "Gender Critical Feminist" the first result your get is from a trans activist site explaining that "Gender Critical Feminist" is a euphemism for TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) which is backwards, a slur and suggests that GC Feminism is all about picking on poor suffering trans women just because they were born with a genital deformation.

Someone then pointed out that 4th Wave and Myself came out on the first page.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Opposing the Transing of Children: Priorities and Strategies - Hearts and Minds.

Someone tweeted.  (https://twitter.com/CrimsonFlax/status/821356821696888836)
[I ]Keep reading people who oppose gender affirmation model saying "some kids will benefit from transition" & keep thinking, really? Assuming >

They're referring to extreme body dysphoria aka BDD & BIID. I've seen nothing suggesting that physical interventions are best practice >

for these conditions. So I guess it depends on how you view 'beneficial' but it sounds like appeasement to me - politically & in practice. 
I guess  "people who oppose gender affirmation model" includes me and the people I collaborate with in opposing the transitioning of kids and young people and the industry, dogma, ideology and activism that has grown up around it. When I say ‘we’ that’s who I mean. In this post I'm only speaking for myself, although I have discussed this with other people to clarify my ideas.