Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Being Me and Gender Critical Dad

My life seems split into parts. Walls of secrets delimiting them and twisting me. A lot of stuff to do, but it has to be put aside to talk rubbish about the telly with my daughter. Because actually that's the best thing I can do for her and the most important thing I do.

The life with my family, pretending to be normal, not mentioning trans, trying to keep thing real, showing love and a normal life in actions and habits. The life where I am a so-so dad, getting meals cooked, washing up, shopping, taking people places and fetching them back, taking the bins out.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Fighting Gender Activism in Schools

A chilling account of  transgender doctrine took over a school. I wish it had a happy ending, it doesn't.  Anyone with kids who think this can't happen to their kids is kidding themselves.

The following post comes from Emily. As you read Emily’s account, please keep in mind that the children supported in transitioning by the activism at Emily’s school are going down a path that may well lead to becoming a life-long medical patient, taking off-label hormones, and amputating healthy tissue.

Gender Activism in Schools 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Trans Goes Beyond Parody, Beyond Surreal.

There is really nothing more to say, excpet that the realson this is a link to a right wing site is because the left is so pinned down by trans.

There Was a Certain Rape: A Look Inside the Transgender Movement

Thinking Differently: Feminists questioning gender politics - The London Bash.

Went to Thinking Differently: Feminists questioning gender politics a few weeks ago. One of the most wonderful and strange experiences I have ever had. I felt I needed to write about it, but its taken ages to get my head around it and I really don't want to come over as "well done girls". Anyway here is how it felt.

I have to be undercover, strictly gender critical dad, no one must know the real me is there, particularly my daughter must never  know. Going to rad fem events and collaborating with other people to bring down the trans orthodoxy would really mess up the whole ignore-redirect-and-reward thing. So I'm avoiding cameras, I hassle the photographer, trying to explain why I can't be photographed, not sure if she believes me. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Non Binary, Gender Fluid and other forms of Trans Lite

The incomparable Rebecca Reilly Copper has done this so much better than I could hope to, so I'll link to her fantastic essay and add some thoughts of my own.

This is really all about me and my daughter, so apologies if I end up sounding like a pompous arse explaining feminism. If real feminism had been available to her, I'm sure she wouldn't be where she is now.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Challenging the Dominant Narrative of Dysphoria

As seems to happen so much I waffle one about something and then find out other people have put ot so much better. So following so-just-what-is-gender-dysphoria here are the people putting it so much better. a whole load of views on dysphoria Kat from Destroy Your Binder, discusses dysphoria and how gender critical and radical feminists can better reach out to young women with dysphoria.

There are more of these accounts coming out all the time see for the latest.