Friday, 12 August 2016

Thinking Differently: Feminists questioning gender politics - The London Bash.

Went to Thinking Differently: Feminists questioning gender politics a few weeks ago. One of the most wonderful and strange experiences I have ever had. I felt I needed to write about it, but its taken ages to get my head around it and I really don't want to come over as "well done girls". Anyway here is how it felt.

I have to be undercover, strictly gender critical dad, no one must know the real me is there, particularly my daughter must never  know. Going to rad fem events and collaborating with other people to bring down the trans orthodoxy would really mess up the whole ignore-redirect-and-reward thing. So I'm avoiding cameras, I hassle the photographer, trying to explain why I can't be photographed, not sure if she believes me. 

The crowd isincredible,  I'm a really a boring straight dad, middle aged, get up go to work, come home, make tea, wash up go to bed, get up etc, sort of bloke. The crowd could not be more different I've never seen such a diverse crowd of women, all so happy to be together, all seeming so happy in their skin, not caring what men think of them. The strength and solidarity is incredible.

Which is all a bit weird, because while I was very paranoid about being identified I also knew that my daughter would love this bunch, she would feel at home and they would love and welcome her.

The speakers were wonderful, I never realised how warm and funny radical feminists are. Julie Bindel and Sheila Jeffreys could do stand up.

But beside that and maybe more important were the women in the audience. The strength, the diversity, the coolness and the mutual respect were an inspiration. Just by existing they are a big fuck off to sexism gender restrictions.

If I had one thing to say to these wonderful women it would be:

Please go out into the world just as you are. Make yourselves as visible as you can, let young women like my daughter see you or hear about you. 

Tell the the world that you are not trans, not trans lite, not gender non binary. 

Tell the world that you are women, you are proud of who you are and what you do and if anyone doesn't like that, or says you not really women they can just fuck off.

Please just do that.


  1. I was there too and it was just as great as you say. I had an amazing day. Not having your (very understandable) reservations about photographs, I got a selfie with Magdalen Berns. Way to go! I'm such a fan.

    I can't wait until the next London meeting.

  2. Thanks, I'm jealous, although I think a 50+ year old fat bloke approaching Ms Berns for a selfie at that meeting would either be very brave or foolish.

    1. I am also fat and middle aged. I'm not a lesbian either. Magdalen was still incredibly friendly. If you'd told her why you were there I bet she'd have given you a hug. She's very outgoing - well you'd have to be to do what she does.

  3. This is so beautiful! And I agree that Julie Bindel could do stand-up. She's hilarious!

  4. I was there too and it was a wonderful experience. I hope next time you will feel free to talk to us. I put faces to a few of my twitter friends. A great inclusion to the panel would have been the experiences of a parent such as yourself.

    1. Thanks that's really nice of you.

      When your kids are under the spell of trans, you have to keep under the radar, out of fear of pushing your kids further in, or getting yourself and your kid doxed leaving them no one to turn to.

      Also I wouldn't have the nerve to take any time off the other speakers in what was a womens event.

  5. Hi, this rad fem is v happy to have come across your blog. Wishing you all the best with your daughter.


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