Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Google Realy Gets it Wrong

When you google "Gender Critical Feminist"

Someone on reddit pointed out that if your google "Gender Critical Feminist" the first result your get is from a trans activist site explaining that "Gender Critical Feminist" is a euphemism for TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) which is backwards, a slur and suggests that GC Feminism is all about picking on poor suffering trans women just because they were born with a genital deformation.

Someone then pointed out that 4th Wave and Myself came out on the first page.

If you want to Find out about Gender Critical Feminism click on the link.

Well this is Embarrassing

4th wave are fantastic, a bunch of true heroes but this is not a reflection of my status as any sort of expert in Gender Critical Feminism. Its just a side effect of me typing that phrase a lot.

If people are reading my stuff to get an understanding of GC Feminism, they have come to the wrong place.

I'm winging it, I have read two books that could be considered GC Feminism.

Both by Sheila Jeffreys.

Gender Hurts which is a comprehensive explanation of the problems in the Transgender Ideology. Its good, its clear, but is extremely comprehensive and covers the history og the idea of gender and so is quite heavy reading.

Unpacking Queer Politics. A Feminist Perspective which is a truly disturbing exposure of the way Gay and Lesbian liberation was captured by a fetishisation of domination under the trendy name of Queer.

I have read Rebecca Reilly Coopers Blog and watched her vid.

I've read a pdf of a book by a bloke called Robert Jensen

I'm halfway Delusions of Gender-Science by Cordelia Fines and Female Erasure an anthology with some great stuff in it..

That's it, that's all the proper reading I have done. I've been interviewed by 4th Wave and had about a min of my words read by an actor on Radio 4.

I've read a shed load of blogs and some reddit subs. I sometimes post to reddit

And watch some vids by Mags and Peachy Yoghurt, because they are funny and truthful and moving. Penny White who is just lovely and did me the honour of reading one of my posts.

I've twitterd a lot, somehow gained 750 followers. Which is nice if somewhat scary.

I am not an expert of GC I am not a writer on GC, I have no great knowleadge on GC, I'm a bloke who is using GC to make sense of some stuff in his life and who as a result of reading a bit about GC finds myself in agreement with GC on a lot of issues.

So I will put a page up here of links and pointers to people who can explain Gender Critical Feminism a lot better than me.

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