Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Some People Confound your Prejudices

When peak trans hits you and you find out about the trans ideology, dogma and cult, its easy to forget that it does not represent or reflect all people who for whatever reason, choose to live as the sex opposite to their birth sex.

Its easy to lose sight of the tolerance and respect that we owe all people. That ideologies can, by misrepresentation, exploit the very people that claim to represent.

I'm so grateful to this guy, for teaching me not to hate trans people on sight.

Jen Bob - You Tube

First surprise was that he was so likeable, he wasn't insisting that anyone see him in any particular way. I'm using male pronouns, but I don't think he'd give a damn, he'd laugh at anyone getting in a tizz about it.

Second surprise was how open and honest he was about his experience as a trans woman and his motivations.

Final surprise was that, despite, or because, he is a pretty happy tranny (his word), he called out the bullshit that is the trans dogma.


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  3. A few key facts:

    Firstly internal gender identity cannot be changed. You cannot make a cis person trans or a trans person cis.
    There has been many attempts at it and even to this day far too many intersex people get assigned the wrong gender then suffer terribly until it can be reversed.

    Gender Reparative therapy has been applied to many trans people (both adults and kids) for many decades and always totally failed, just as sexual reparative therapy failed to ‘cure’ gay men and lesbians. This is why it is being made illegal all over the world, because not only does it not work, it can cause a lot of emotional damage in the attempt.

    Secondly gender dysphroia is crap, and a killer. It never goes away no matter what you do, it eats at you all the time, nothing cures it except transitioning (full or partial). That’s the worst thing about it is its endlessness and no matter how tough you are, how much you try to deny it, it gets you in the end, one way or another.

    Thirdly parental and social rejection of trans people (and in fact for all LGBTI people) is a killer, particularly for kids, adolescents and young adults.
    LGBTI kids with supportive parents and schools etc have no differences in mental health or suicide rates than any other kids.
    But rejection, bullying, exclusion and all the rest pushes their mental health levels into danger zones, with trans and other gender non conforming kids suffering the worst (mainly because they are the most visible).

    Study after study, in country after country shows that non supported trans people who are prejudiced against have the highest suicide rates of any group in society, even higher than LGB people who suffer very similar things and who also suffer appalling rates. But as said, if they are supported then these affects all disappear.

    Fourthly transitioning younger is better. There are a whole range of reasons for that, but one major one is that it gets it out of the road, so a person can then get on with their education, career, social life, etc without the interference of their gender dysphoria. If you don’t then it can (and often does) cripple people emotionally in their education period, let alone issues with transitioning later when working. That is if they get through to that point.

    Fifthly, there is no ‘Trans Industry’. An infamous TERF feminist coined this term back in the 1970s and it has been endlessly repeated.

    In fact there are many hurdles to overcome, including psychiatrists, the medical establishment and just sheer money. Trans people have to go through a lot to be able to transition and there is little support from the ‘medical establishment’, in fact the reverse in many cases.
    There are insufficient gender therapists around which means long waits (and even long travels for some) for evaluation and treatment.

    Gender therapists follow the WPATH Standards of Care (version 7), which is a cautious but supportive ‘help you explore before you make your mind up, so that you are really sure you want to do this’ approach. (You can download them).
    This is even more cautious with trans children, though all the studies show that if you are transgender at adolescence it is very unlikely to change.

    Sixthly, trans people are not 'really' gays or lesbians. They show the same diversity in sexuality as cis people do. Gender identity and sexuality are not the same thing. There are trans women who are female attracted and trans men that are male attracted.
    A New Zealand study showed that 40%-60% of trans school kids were not 'gay' or 'lesbian' (relative to birth sex) in sexual orientation.

    As a parent all you can do is support and love them as they work themselves out. If they decide to transition help them in that, if they decide not to, again help and support them in whatever path they choose (which also might not be one you personally like).

    In the end you cannot change them if they are really transgender, you can drive them away from you, drive them to suicide, but you cannot change them.

    1. "Gender identity" is socially constructed. In order to "identify" with another sex, you must believe that cultural stereotypes (gender) which vary from one culture to another and which are often coercively enforced are somehow innate and bound to the sexed body. They are not.

      Gender Critical people know and understand this and have suffered no less from the imposition of the limitations which social gender expectations create. The difference is that we understand that the problem is not our bodies, but the social milieu, itself, which needs to change. Gender-related dysphoria will never go away for *anyone* so long as gender stereotypes and their accompanying limitations upon human ability are promoted and reified by persons –such as yourself –who believe that to be male or female means anything more than that part which we play in human reproduction.

  4. About that link:

    Umm, that is not a trans woman. It is either a hoax or they are a (bad) part timer (crossdresser). Her voice, makeup, wig ... after 13 years you would learn to get it right.

    Plus the bollocks about puberty blockers, they have been used on kids since 1985 for those who have a very young puberty (8 or less). There is nothing new about them.

    Then she 'injects' herself. Well if she really was a trans woman she would be on hormones (HRT) and, if she has not had GRS, would be on testosterone blockers already. They will do nothing for a trans adult that is on HRT whatsoever. In fact combing them strikes me as dangerous...so the odds are she is not on HRT at all.

    Zoladex is not used as a puberty blocker for children, Leuprorelin is what is used.:
    - Zoladex is used in men to treat symptoms of prostate cancer.
    - Zoladex is used in women to treat breast cancer or endometriosis. Goserelin is also used in women to prepare the lining of the uterus for endometrial ablation (a surgery to correct abnormal uterine bleeding).

    Leuprorelin is very different and works in a different way and had been used on kids for over 30 years now..
    "Leuprorelin acts as an agonist at pituitary GnRH receptors. By interrupting the normal pulsatile stimulation of, and thus desensitizing, the GnRH receptors, it indirectly downregulates the secretion of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), leading to hypogonadism and thus a dramatic reduction in estradiol and testosterone levels in both sexes."

    1. Gosh, Lisa. You just "denied that person's right to exist." What, are you a "terf" or something?

      Leupron is also used and approved for prostate cancer, endometriosis, fibroid tumors and precocious puberty. Its use to suspend puberty in gender-confused children is not approved by the USDA. You might want to throw that fact out there while you're insinuating that its use in children is *safe.*

  5. wow get your own blog Lisa

  6. wow get your own blog Lisa

  7. Bet you're sorry you wrote this OP, Gender Critical Dad. No sooner had you mentioned a transgender individual who surpassed your expectations when, wallop, you receive 4 epic posts from a another parroting the same old, same old bullsh*t that's causing an ever-increasing tide of people to hit peak trans. Lisa may be a real person but she posts like an automaton.

    From a parent's pov, the worst of her claims is that gender dysphoria never goes away when, as we both know, it spontaneously resolves in most teenagers. To claim, as she does, that early medical transition is strongly to be recommended is entirely wrong and downright dangerous. Puberty blockers can and do sterilise children along with a large number of other nasty effects.

    What's kinda funny is that as soon as you mention a transwoman who doesn't comply with all the dreary clich├ęs along trots one who embodies the lot of them.

    1. Sometimes, you know your on the right side from the nature of your opponents.


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