Thursday, 29 September 2016

Trying to understand why so many young women have got involved with trans.

The wonderful Purple Sage Fem asked "Some questions for FtMs"

Gosh, I’ve been watching tons of FtM videos. I really want to understand. But I’m always unsatisfied, because everyone stays on surface level. I like to get to the root of the issue and tackle the hard questions.
FtMs who make YouTube videos always say they knew they were trans because of vague feelings of “not liking my body” and “feeling like a guy.” But how is this different from every other woman not liking her body and how can someone who is female feel “like a guy,” exactly?
So here is a list of questions, complete with follow-up questions, that come to mind when I watch FtM videos. I don’t really expect to ever get these answered, but here goes:

  1. Please explain in your own words what a “man” is and what a “woman” is.
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Some questions for FtMs

I've had those questions running round my head for months and I've thrown a lot of them at my daughter.

There good questions, they get to the root of the inconstancies of the trans doctrine and the dogma of Gender Identity and blow them out the water.

It took me ages to work out why they didn't work.

It took my partner shouting at me to stop fucking up, because I was just re-enforcing the toxic lies and pushing her further into trans.

They don't work, because people don't get involved in trans for logical reasons. Thats not to say that they are silly, but that its like a lot of what we do in life. We make decisions based on feelings, hopes and fears we don't understand. We then construct a logical, rational justification for our, frequently unfathomable decisions.

When I try to think about what life must be like for young women nowadays it looks pretty grim.

I was a kid in the sixties but it seems like we are back there again. Men have spent years screwing over women.

In the sixties it was being the perfect wife and mother with domestic appliances and silent rage and  despair in the suburbs. It was treating the despair at a limited life with valium and casting frigidity as a women's problem and nothing to do with men's ignorance and insensitivity.

In the 20 teens its being sex positive and porn and BDSM, and men's minds poisoned by porn. Its feminist websites, owned by men, that redefine feminism as endless lists of things to feel shitty about.

And now we have the trans ideology, the latest and greatest fuck-over of women. Now men can be better at being women than women and if you can't hack it you'd better become a sub man instead or you can be trans lite, gender non-binary or pan gender, whatever as long as men can fuck you when and where and how they decide is the latest queer as fuck fashion.

Dysporia is a feeling a despair and self loathing, a reaction to the trauma of patriarchy, porn and fun feminism. Trans is the (dangerous damaging) dominant native in our current culture that explains and re-enforces it.

There are powerful forces that are pushing young women into trans. We need to understand  those reasons, not belittle them or write them off as silly.

We need a different way of dealing with the forces pushing young women into trans. A way that gives them the power to define themselves in a way that is sustainable and gives them the autonomy that they deserve.

The trans narrative gives people hope, a false hope, but a hope none the less.

To stop the trans doctrine destroying the lives of people we love, we need to replace the  narrative. A different way to make sense of pain and a hope of dealing with that pain.

I believe that the de-transitioners are creating that narrative. It may draw from radical feminism and that rad fem community can help provide support.

They are sharing ways of dealing with dysphoria informed by their own experiance not the ideological imperative of supporting the transgender ideology.

The very act of working with other people can be a crucial part of regaining faith in your own power. Joining with others to write and shout out your own story, helps people have faith in themselves.


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  2. Glad to have stumbled on this blog. I try so hard to understand how gender theory makes sense. To try to see why so many people blindly accept it when it all seems to come down to "just 'cuz" but you are absolutely right, it's not logical in any way shape or form. I just hope too many people aren't severely damaged by it before they come to their senses.

    1. Thanks, you've made my day. It's be beyond illogical, it's profoundly misogynistic and homophobic.

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