Saturday, 3 September 2016

It Feels Better To Believe That

The wonderful Penny White says in her video on the Sex Trade How I became a prudish, pearl-clutching WHOREPHOBE 

Its very hard for me to stomach hearing journalists saying 'Sex work is just work' and I understand the appeal of saying that because it feels better. It feel better to believe that. It feel better to believe that they're just party girls having fun, its the girlfriend experience. Then you don't have to care about women in the sex trade. You don't have to care about them.
I'm constantly haunted by the question "Why are there so few of us? Why am I:  The Gender Critical Dad and not a gender critical dad.

I think it comes down to "It feels better to believe that"

It feels better to believe that we have gendered brains, that there can be a mismatch and that our daughters have this mismatch is huge and increasing numbers and that this is fixed by transition.

Better than what?

Better than that, our daughters look at the world as they see it and its expectations of them as women. That they feel it unimaginable that they can navigate their way into womanhood.

Better than that, they look at womanhood as they see it and decide that they would rather be sterilised fake men.

Better than to realise that they have such a hole in their lives, that they are so desperate to belong to something, to have something to believe in that they would shut down their intelligence, deny the reality of their bodies and align themselves with thee trans doctrine.

Better than to believe that liberal culture, the Guardian, the BBC, the NHS, Universities and schools have been infiltrated and captured by a misogynistic and homophobic cult.

Better than to believe that the public figures that we see swooning over the latest brave trans story are either to stupid or cowed to shout out bollocks.

The alternatives are terrifying, they challenge so many things that we believe in.

I'm not an academic, I'm not a therapist. I fix machines. I know that if a noise of broken gears is coming out of an engine, you don't change the spark plugs or mix sawdust in the oil.


  1. My partner is another gender critical dad. As I am a gender critical mum. So you aren't alone. We have a 14 yr old biological daughter who is going through the same thing.

  2. You are a rare good Dad. You are braver than almost all other men around you. Still, Dad's who are gender critical did it for their wonder there are so few true feminist men. Men never do feminism for women simply because women deserve better. Its always a self serving reason with men.

    1. To be honest I feel like I have been asleep for 30+ years. I assumed things were still going in the direction they were in the early 80's. I only really woke at my own peak trans.

  3. I am surprised by how things have gone too. I grew up in the 80's and 90's and thought things were getting better too. Things were more open to all and people didn't care as much about things like clothing. I thought there was some minor things in the women's movement to deal with but now my eyes are opened. As a woman I am really questioning this whole "gender" thing because it looks more like old fashioned sexism. I am bisexual also and don't like gays and lesbians rights being eroded too....well in particular lesbians not having spaces of their own and told they should like people with penises.


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