Thursday, 3 May 2018

Some thoughts on MumsNet and their submission to the trans lobby.

I don't do MumsNet much. I think the world is better for an online space where women can talk without men butting in all the time.

Recently though men have started butting in, have been telling MumsNet what women should be allowed to say. Sadly, MumsNet have paid attention to these men and are deleting posts that state the biologically obvious and the opinions of many women.

I think I may have some useful thoughts

The Customers, the Product and the Asset.

MumsNet's customers are not the readers or the people who contribute.  You do not pay their bills or give profits to the shareholders,

MumsNet product is not the conversation on the boards or the support women find.

The product is the adverts.  The customers are the advertisers.

That product only has value because of the content on the site. The current content and the new content constantly flowing in. It’s this content flow that brings eyes and clicks to the ads and that is what makes the product, the ads, valuable to the customers.

As far as assets go, MumsNet probably rents a fair number of computers, some offices and has around 200 staff on their books,18.htm. Their only really valuable, irreplaceable asset is the content and the flow of new content. Everything else is replaceable, everything else can be done by any other half competent internet start up with a bit of capital.

The Value in Mumsnet

That enormously valuable asset, that flow of content and readers is dependant on the unpaid activity of the millions of women who contribute and read on the boards. It is this activity, this labour that maintains the value of MumsNet.

If the women of MumsNet withdraw their labour MumNet’s principle asset losses its value.

The Power

The trans activists can be noisy and scary. They have contact in the press and probably in the ternd driven people who work in advertising.  So MumsNet try and play nice with them, pay a bit of Dane Geld in the hope their limited attention span will move into the next target.

If the women of MumsNet withdraw their labour, MumsNet will have to pay attention.

If the content flow and pages views went down sharply, even for a day. MumNets would pay attention.

And MumsNet mums, of course have the perfect tool for organising this.

You have the power.


  1. An excellent point, which I hope many MumsNet subscribers will take up. James Kirkup just wrote a reat blogpost in The Obserer to lambaste a Labour MP (Me. Douthat) for trying to censor the few media who have tried to call attention to the ill effects of trans propaganda and practices on UK youths. You may want to reprint that, especially if MumsNet is censoring its members about this reality.

  2. Eh? I'm confused - Mumsnet is a hotbed of gender critical rebellion. Check out their Feminism Chat forum. Originally the forum admins tried to stop them being "transphobic" but that was several years ago.

  3. 'Transphobia' on Mumsnet is alive and kicking on the Feminism Chat forum. The posters are hobbled but defiant, constantly pushing the bounds of 'acceptability' - so we can't deadname? what about Karen White, is this a man? They are fighting back. I don't think they like the control of speech but at least they can still speak. And they do, they absolutely do. Trans ideologists pop up again and again to tell them they're terrible people but it has lost it's power, and they fight on. I agree it's not ideal to be doing so with that censorship in place but the resistance is pretty goddamn strong nonetheless - strong enough that activists are continuously calling it a hotbed of 'transphobia' even in its current state.


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