Thursday, 7 September 2017

Seems I Am a Hate Criminal Now

From the article: 
The charity, which supports transgender children and their families, said it had been falsely accused of “enticing” children by attending recent Pride UK events.

One tweet sent to the charity included a poster that described Mermaids UK as a “dangerous cult”, saying staff planned to “groom gay kids”.

Mermaids UK’s chief executive, Susie Green, said she was falsely accused of forcibly castrating her transgender daughter. “They [people on Twitter] have referred to my daughter as my gay son and I have been accused of chemically castrating her,” she said.

Well, yes I have tweeted or retweeted that:

Because she did: 

And just like any other mum she entered him into Miss England so he could start life in his new gender out of the spotlight. 

And got the BBC to make an hour long film about it: BBC - transsexual-teen-beauty-queen

Mermaids have experience in court. They were involved with a troubled mother. She believed her son was a girl. Mermaids bullied school and social services into supporting her delusion and making the boy live as a girl. It was only down to the lads courageous dad and a judge who actually looked at all the evidence that the boy isn't continuing his journey to puberty blockers. Full details here: 4th Wave - The boy who ‘lived in stealth’: Judge challenges ’emerging orthodoxy’

I saw the TV series Three Girls recently. For years social services and police knew and accepted that hundreds, perhaps thousands of young women were being systematically abused by respected members of the community. Everyone turned a blind eye, because they considered that the girls were complicit and they did not want to upset political sensitivities. The hero of the TV series who spent years collecting evidence and forcing the police to act lost her job. Witnesses were intimidated with threats of violence. 

The parallels are terrifying. Media, Police and Social services complicit in the systematic abuse of young people. Hiding behind dogma of 'its their choice' and scared of being seen as unprogressive. 

I recently read Cut: One Woman's Fight Against FGM in Britain Today. Its a horrifying book. This struck me as a parallel. 

I wanted to be the same as them; or, if not the same, I wanted them not to even notice I was there. Why couldn’t I disappear into the dust that they kicked up in my face? Why couldn’t I stay at home instead of going to school? Or why couldn’t I be cut? Was I a coward? Perhaps my mother was wrong and they were right after all?
Wardere, Hibo. Cut: One Woman's Fight Against FGM in Britain Today (Kindle Locations 255-257). Simon & Schuster UK. Kindle Edition. 
Hibo's mum didn't want her to be cut. She put it off as long as she could. But social pressure, including pressure applied thru her own child and by other children who had been cut defeated her. 

Yes, we use anesthetic and operate in in antiseptic conditions. Those pressuring our kids are supported by Stonewall, the NHS, schools and the  media. But I can no more approve of transing kids than I can approve of FGM.

I am scared: The threats of violence to anyone who objects are clear. 

Are Mermaids going to expose my daughter as being a TERFs kid and force her to choose between family and social world?

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  1. Parents who go to extreme lengths to put their kids through controversial, irreversible medical procedures, and endlessly publicize the fact they are doing so, should get accustomed to criticism. Those who criticize her publicly have every right to do so. None of those tweets were false. What's that saying? "It's not libel if it's the truth."


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