Sunday, 12 March 2017

People Want to Fight Back.

Someone tweeted me. Ive read your blog! Ive hit peak with that CPS crap... theyre indoctrinating our kids and I want to fight back.

Well that scares the hell out of me. I'm just a dad who failed to keep his daughter safe from trans. I can barely organise my own life, let alone a political movement.

The CPS crap is this In short, Gendered Intelligence and Giras have taken over an Anti Bullying program and twisted it into a sexist,and homophobic trans indoctrination campaign. I can see a lot of parents getting pissed off about that.

Things seem to be really kicking off. Jenny Murray wrote a very reasonable article, sadly now behind a paywall, but here its is in full. She got slated as a TERF  and disciplined by the BBC

The mums of Mumsnet have been fantasic. They are organising

There's so much kicking off, I can't keep up with twitter, reddit and wordpress. That's where the fightback is. Hundreds and thousands of mums and dads, young people who see thru it, getting the courage to speak out If they can't be out, because there are a lot of reasons, job, kids or a social group that won't accept dissent, they are creating identities to get their voice out.

I haven't done the school gate thing for years now, but thats got to be a place to start things really kicking. So if there are any school gate mums out there start talking about this, One thing I learned from the Radical Feminists is that gossip is a term used to dismiss what women say. Gossip is underground free speech - use it.

If someone ambitious, maybe a few key points from the TransGenderTrends post above on a flyer and a short link.

I'm starting to feel hopeful at last, I just hope the left wises up before the right sees the opportunity.

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  1. Educating the public seems key - most of them don't know much, if anything about it, but when informed, they tend to be anti


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