Thursday, 2 March 2017

Feels Like a Movement?

I've been quiet for a while, there's a big project in the pipeline, but now I've more time to write.

This is sort a reply to a comment in reddit: help_put_pressure_on_the_washington_post

This is a great idea. I suggest you email the author of the 4th wave now site, as a large number of GC parents of trans-identified kids read that site. /u/GenderCriticalDad might know more parents, as well as Penny White (I don't know how to contact her -- she has a YouTube channel, so maybe that way?).

More and more people are popping up who have hit peak trans, want to resist the trans  hegemony or want to support what people are doing. Which is really great, but posses difficult challenges..

There's groups coming together, but its all word of mouth or friends of friends, I was approached, but only after starting this blog. Two people took a chance, sussed me out and introduced me to others.

Its not so much outreach, as peering thru a fence and going "who are they?".

Which is far from great. I'm sure there are people out there with skill that would be useful. And just doing something  helps with the tension, anxiety and depression of watching your kid circle round trans. There must be people out there who can't 'get in', can't contribute and can't benefit from the potential mutual support. That sucks

I haven't a clue how to widen that and its not my decision anyway. I came late to the party

A big part of the problem is that we have to be very careful about who we work. There are several reasons:

We have to keep any political activities hidden from our kids because we cannot let the struggle against trans ideology mess up the (fragile) relationship we have with our kids. So we are very careful about letting identifiable or recognisable info out.

Not everyone is technically savvy enough to maintain a separate GC only persona (like GCD), while living in the same house as a trans identifying kid. Families tend to share laptops and phone, which remember logins and usernames.

We have day jobs and families to care for so we don't have a lot of time. We are concentrating on our front in the struggle. Getting schools, doctors, caring professions, journalists and politicians to question, and reject the dominant trans narrative and stop transing kids and young people. To do this we have to present a respectable image of  reasonable professional caring people. We have to have a calm, coherent position that other people can move to.

That doesn't mean that we don't love Peachy Yogurt, or Magdalen Berns or lots of other great people. There are other fronts and different voices work better in different places.

We work in a sexist society so while I can get away with being a bit sweary and ranty, people call it passionate and inspiring, Women who talk and write like me get written off as angry, bitter old women. When women professionals want a voice they have to be ever so reasonable.  Its sucks but its not our battle at the moment.

I've got no answers, I'm not leadership material. I'm a barely literate techy who couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and has family to care for. I write when I feel move to, go to meetings because it cheers me up.

I did the techy bits of setting up a Gender Critical wiki but messed up announcing it, pissed off a few people and discovered that a wiki needs a librarians mind behind it. Maybe it will fire up some day.

 I'm a child of the original punk generation. Want to be in a band? Start a band.

Want to organise? Make a clean gmail account, use that to start a blog on blogger or wordpress, get a clean twitter account and reddit, Facebook and tumblr or instagram if thats where you are comfortable.. Tell the family some bullshit about having to work under an NDA from work so you need a separate secure account on the family PC.

Start talking, tell your story, Stories are important, they connect people. Support people you agree with,  Don't waste time on people who will never change their minds and be polite and nice to people who might.

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  1. Great advice for anyone who wants to be political. Thank you.


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